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Submission for several categories?

Hey! We have a submission that is equally relevant for two categories: both Trans visibility and Access to sexual health services and PrEP. Is it allowed to submit the same project to two different categories? Or can we get some kind of guidance where you think it suits best? Or should we just decide one by ourselves and go for that?

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    Hi Mina,

    Thanks for your question. You can only submit a project to one of the four challenge sets, so definitely choose the category where your project is most applicable. It's not uncommon for a project to span more than one category, so it's good to ask "What are the immediate benefits/important features of my product and how will this impact or help the LGBTQ community?" We've also provided more information on the four categories, as well as a few example challenges here (listed under Challenge Sets) that may help with the decision: http://hack4equality2016-onlineonly.devpost.com/

    Based on your project description, I think your project may fit best under the Access to Sexual Health Services and PrEP category as it is developing a platform where the LGBTQ community can identify and rate/comment on health care clinics, and essentially know which facilities provide welcoming and quality services.

    If you have any general questions regarding your project/idea and would like further input on, you're more than welcome to post them here so that our mentors can see and answer them if applicable!

    Let me know if that helps. Good luck!

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